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Lilies of the Field Media, LLC specializes in telling stories that not only brings healing to our audience but also to the authors and creators of the stories. We dig deep to bring you the perspectives of touchy, taboo issues that MUST be addressed.

The Beauty of Letter Writing

Imagine being able to talk to the person who’d hurt you. No holds barred and no interruptions.

What would you say?

What would you them accountable for?

What hurt from their mistreatment, abuse, dysfunction would you share with them?

What scars would you show? What wounds would you let them se…

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A Letter To My Abuser

They say a bullet has no name. Well, neither does abuse. It pierces through the soul of any and all with no regard, leaving a wound in the abused, and the one pulling the trigger. Since hurt people can hurt people, I wonder what happened to the abusers that would make them commit these acts of viole…

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New Release : Hard Truths, Healing Truths

Hard Truths, Healing Truths is a soul (emotion, mental, and willpower) stimulating book created to get you to dig deep and get honest with yourself and properly examine life. No fluff or long stories, but straight to the point, thought-provoking, bite size, powerful messages that propel you forward.

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"You’ve been left voiceless. Shunned. Told to forgive and forget. Let it go. Move on. Mocked because you are still hurt by it, by them. Told that it wasn’t so bad. Ignored. Had the truth denied as if you were the liar as if the pain that you feel is not real."

- Founder Sharisa Robertson

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New Release

Lilies of the Field Media, LLC provides a platform through various creative media outlets. Through transforming lives by combating one issue at a time thus making a positive impact in the world. We are dedicated  to encouraging individual self-reflection, so that roles in families, relationships, communities, on the job and/or business, etc are evaluated, changed, and positively transform one story at a time. Read More...


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