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Lilies of the Field Media, LLC specializes in telling stories that not only brings healing to our audience but also to the authors and creators of the stories. We dig deep to bring you the perspectives of touchy, taboo issues that MUST be addressed. 

One story at a time, we are transforming lives through storytelling one. Lilies of the Field Media, LLC confronts abuse, dysfunction, and emotional complexities by creating healing spaces through literature and other creative outlets and artistries. Every project strives to:

  • Turn pain into purpose
  • Raise awareness and create a platform that honors the voices of those fighting to be heard
  • Provide a way of healing and a release from issues not just for the readers but for the authors as well
  • Provide soulutions, insight, information, inspiration, healing, perspective, and/or empowerment but with a twist
  • Take on topics that are ignored or taboo
  • Storytelling and storysharing that connects our experiences with others

Founded in 2012, by Sharisa T. Robertson who wanted to provide a platform that gave a release to those emotionally overwhelmed, that were victors of abuse, and searching to gain their voice and be heard while using writing as a tool for healing. Lilies of the Field Media, LLC has published a book every year and has several titles that include:

Book Collaborations that has featured 30 women and 7 girls:

  • A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter’s Perspective (2013) (Amazon Best Seller- Kindle and Paperback)
  • A Letter To My Bully: Sticks, Stones, and Words Do Hurt (2014)
  • A Letter To My Abuser: Once a Victim, Forever Victorious (2017) (Amazon Best Seller and on 2 Hot New Release Lists- Kindle)

Independent books by Founder:

  • A Daughter’s Struggle, A Daughter’s Success: How to Honor Yourself While in a Strained Relationship with Your Mother (2015) (Amazon Best Seller and Listed on Amazon’s Hot New Releases- Both Kindle)
  • Hard Truths, Healing Truths: 120 Perspectives to Make Shift Happen in Your Life (2016)
  • The Realest Shift Ever Felt: Changing the Way You Feel About Your Feelings (Summer 2017)

Lilies of the Field Media, LLC plans to release more independent books and collaboration but also expand to a unique line of greeting cards and even documentaries.


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