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A raw collection of transparent and emotional letters, A Letter To My Abuser: Once a Victim, Forever Victorious, provides an opportunity for those who've experienced abuse to share their stories while confronting their abusers and inspiring others. These brave women will challenge readers to redefine abuse in its various forms. This collaboration gives a unique platform of healing for those previously silenced by abuse and empowers them to use their voices as they journey from victims to victors.

Co-Authors and Contributors

Miss Buttafly of

Christina Jiles of Nergirlchic Customized Pillows and More

E. Chemeen Johnson of

Lisa R. Lloyd

Teresa E. Mack of

Furelise Smith

Cathy Staton of My Help, My Hope

Kalyn Risker Fahle of Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment, Foreword

Thema Azize Serwa of The Womb Sauna, Afterword


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A Letter to my Abuser: Once a Victim, Forever Victorious is an overall powerful read from all of the women. I commend, Sharisa Robertson for taking on this project. Healing is very underrated and after reading this, I realized there was more healing I needed to do. - Tamykah Anthony-Marston, Diary of a MisEducated Baby Mama

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