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The Beauty of Letter Writing

Imagine being able to talk to the person who’d hurt you. No holds barred and no interruptions.

What would you say?

What would you them accountable for?

What hurt from their mistreatment, abuse, dysfunction would you share with them?

What scars would you show? What wounds would you let them se…

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A Letter To My Abuser

They say a bullet has no name. Well, neither does abuse. It pierces through the soul of any and all with no regard, leaving a wound in the abused, and the one pulling the trigger. Since hurt people can hurt people, I wonder what happened to the abusers that would make them commit these acts of viole…

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New Release : Hard Truths, Healing Truths

Hard Truths, Healing Truths is a soul (emotion, mental, and willpower) stimulating book created to get you to dig deep and get honest with yourself and properly examine life. No fluff or long stories, but straight to the point, thought-provoking, bite size, powerful messages that propel you forward.

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New Release: A Daughter's Struggle, A Daughter's Success

A Daughter's Struggle, A Daughter's Success transforms not only how women look at themselves but also their relationship with their mothers. From beginning to end, daughters who have been subjected to trauma, control, and abuse by their mothers are empowered, yet challenged to become accountable for…

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A Daughter’s Struggle, A Daughter's Success

Statistics states that 30% of women admit to being estranged from their mother. I think the number is higher as many women are suffering silently from having mommy issues, a traumatic past, and most times, a bad current situation with their mothers.


“My mother and I don’t have the best r…

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New Release : Letter To My Bully: Sticks, Stones, and Words Do Hurt

Letter To My Bully: Sticks, Stones, and Words Do Hurt features seven young girls ages 9-14 years old, who decided to turn their pain into their purpose by writing an open letter to their bullies, all bullies. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, the girls courageously express and release all o…

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The Making of A Letter To My Bully: Sticks, Stones, and Words Do Hurt

Bullying is an illusion of power.

Being bullied is an illusion of being powerless.

Bearing witness to bullying and not speaking or not doing enough

is an illusion that is outside of your power to do something.

Behind it all, these illusions keep everyone from operating

at their full p…

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The Making of A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter’s Perspective

It was a January night, around 2 a.m. I woke up out of my sleep with an idea for a book collaboration. I was so excited. I wanted to call somebody, but I didn’t know who was up. I was inspired from my debut as an author in a book collaboration called Cheers to Your Success: Women on the Rise and O…

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New Release : A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter's Perspective

A Letter To My Mother: A Daughter's Perspective brings awareness to the strained mother-daughter relationship by delving into the lives of 11 women who has been impacted by this experience. As you read the emotion-filled letters from these courageous women to their mothers, you will feel not only th…

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