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This document contains 120 Pre-made Book Titles, fiction and nonfiction created by Sharisa T. Robertson of Lilies of the Field Media. All titles are original ideas by Sharisa but that doesn’t mean that any of these titles have not been thought of or used already.

Please do your due diligence and research to see if a title is in use and if in your industry. Titles, just like names can be used multiple times, so that is a personal choice on your behalf and a great subtitle can be the differentiator.

You are free to use any book title as is or tweak or add to how you as you feel. This list is meant to save you time and give your book a great identity that speaks volumes, originality and creativity to capture the attention of your readers. It is also a great resource tool to use to get your own creative juices flowing to come up with your own titles, subtitles, or a book concept because sometimes, a writer just need some inspiration, right?

Pre-Made Book Title List- $9.97

If you are looking for a personalized title, please consider my Your Write Idea Brainstorming Session via email and phone. Services are not limited to title creation; available are sessions on expanding your book concepts, book collab consulting, overcoming writer's block, and more. If interested visit

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